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4 Fun and Engaging Ways to Incorporate Letter Learning Into Your Classroom

Letter identification and letter sounds are fundamental in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom.  While some students are ready and eager to learn letters and sounds, some are not.  That is why it is so important to make letter learning fun and engaging for all students, no matter where they are. When your activities engage multiple senses all students are more likely to learn.  Here are 4 fun activities to try out in your classroom or at home.

1. What’s In a Name:

The best way to pique the interest of your young learners is to begin with something personal that they can connect with. What better thing than their name?! Young children love hearing their name and seeing it in print. Capture that excitement and harness it for letter learning. Have students look at the letters and talk about them. Are they big, small, round, straight?  Help them to put names to those letters that make up their name.  An example of a fun activity is to write each student’s name 2 times on a piece of paper or sentence strip. Students use one copy of their name as the model and use the other one to cut between each letter.  Have them mix the letters up and match them to the model of their name. 

2. Sorting Letters

Sorting letters is a great visual and tactile activity to engage young learners. Students learn to attend to the different shapes of the letters and their sizes. There are so many ways to sort letters: big and small letters, capital letters and lowercase letters, letters with straight lines and no straight lines. As students sort the letters, introduce and teach the names of the letters and their sounds. While students may not learn them immediately, they are being exposed to the names and begin to understand that each letter has its own special sound.

3. Letter Songs & Poems

Using songs and poems is a great way to get your students excited about letters and letter sounds. Young learners are naturally drawn to singing and rhyming activities. It is fun to incorporate rhythm and rhyme. TV and radio get us hooked on all kinds of jingles and poems and songs are a great tool to use with our eager early learners.

The internet and YouTube are full of letter songs that your students will love watching and singing along to. Just do a quick search and you will soon find a favorite.

When I use poems to help my students learn the letter names and letter sounds, my go-to is this Letter and Letter Sound Poems and Readers resource. My students love getting in the groove and learning the letter poems.  I print off the colorful poster and hang it up for students to see. We love chanting the poem in different voices and adding movement. At the end of the week, I print off a black and white copy of the poem for students to color. Then they take it home to “teach” the special letter poem to their families.

My all-time favorite way to introduce and teach letter names and letter sounds is by teaching a letter of the week.  Each week my students are introduced to a new letter. All of our letter learning is focused on that letter. This Letter of the Week A-Z Bundle is perfect for:

  • Letter recognition
  • Letter formation
  • Letter tracing
  • Letter songs

As we move through the week learning about the letter we are practicing and having fun with rhyming, syllables, vocabulary, letter poems, and stories.  Students love the letter puzzles, craft activities, and letter bracelets. (Click here for a Free sample of the Letter A bracelet).  By the end of the week, my students know all about the letter of the week and have several activities to take home and share with their families.  It’s a great time of learning!

4. Letter of the Week

Teaching our young learners about letter names and letter sounds is such an exciting part of Pre-K and Kindergarten. 
I hope you have fun incorporating these 4 fun and engaging activities into your classroom learning.

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