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Counting Fun with Scarecrow: A Preschool Pumpkin Adventure!

October 11, 2023
A book called scarecrow scarecrow what do you see in color and black and white

The world of children’s books is a magical one, filled with stories that spark imagination and inspire learning. One of the most important aspects of early childhood education is developing fundamental math skills, and what better way to do that than with a charming preschool counting book featuring a friendly scarecrow counting pumpkins? In this blog post, we’ll explore the delightful world of “Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” – a colorful and educational adventure designed to help preschoolers learn to count from 1 to 10.

Meet  Scarecrow

Before we dive into the pages of the book, let’s meet our protagonist, Scarecrow. Scarecrow is not only adorable but also an excellent teacher when it comes to counting pumpkins. With a welcoming smile and a straw-filled body, he stands guard over a vibrant pumpkin patch, ready to guide children through the wonderful world of numbers.

The Book’s Concept

“Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” is a delightful counting book that introduces preschoolers to the world of numbers in an engaging and interactive way. The book’s concept is simple yet effective: on each page, children are asked how many pumpkins Scarecrow can see, and Scarecrow responds by counting them.

The Magical Journey Begins

The adventure begins with a single pumpkin right next to our lovable Scarecrow. The book reads, “Scarecrow, Scarecrow, how many pumpkins do you see?” to which Scarecrow responds, “I see 1 pumpkin right next to me.” This first page sets the stage for what is to come – an enchanting journey through the pumpkin patch where the number of pumpkins grows with each turn of the page.

As you flip through the pages, the number of pumpkins increases. Each time, Scarecrow confidently counts the pumpkins he sees and responds with enthusiasm. This repetitive pattern makes it easy for preschoolers to follow along and anticipate the next number.

Interactive Learning

What makes this book even more special is that it encourages interaction. Parents and educators can engage with the child by asking them to count the pumpkins alongside Scarecrow. This hands-on approach to learning helps children develop their counting skills while having fun.

Reaching Ten

The book continues to build anticipation as the number of pumpkins increases, and it doesn’t stop until Scarecrow reaches the grand total of 10 pumpkins. The sense of accomplishment for preschoolers as they turn that final page and see Scarecrow surrounded by ten pumpkins is truly heartwarming.

Color and Black-and-White Versions

“Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” comes in two versions, making it accessible to a wide audience. The full-color version is vibrant and engaging, perfect for capturing a child’s attention. The black-and-white version allows for creativity and personalization, as children can color in the pumpkins and Scarecrow as they count along.

The black-and-white version also presents an opportunity for kids to engage in art and coloring activities. As they bring Scarecrow and his pumpkins to life with their own colors, they can extend their learning through creativity.

Educational Benefits

Aside from being a fun and interactive way to introduce counting, “Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” offers several educational benefits:

Number Recognition: 

By repeating the counting exercise throughout the book, children become more familiar with numbers 1 through 10.

  1. One-to-One Correspondence: 

    The book helps children understand that each number corresponds to a specific quantity, a foundational concept in math.

  2. Pattern Recognition: 

    The repetitive structure of the book helps children recognize patterns, which is an important skill in mathematics.

  3. Interactive Learning:

    The book encourages active participation, making learning a hands-on experience.

  4. Free Downloadable Activity

    The best part about “Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” is that it’s available as a free downloadable activity. This means that parents, caregivers, and educators can easily access and share the book with children, making it a valuable resource for both home and classroom settings.

    The accessibility of this book is a testament to the importance of early childhood education. By providing free resources like this, we can help ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop their counting skills in a fun and engaging way.

  5. Conclusion

  6. “Scarecrow Scarecrow: How Many Pumpkins Do You See?” is not just a book; it’s an enchanting journey through the world of numbers. It introduces preschoolers to counting in an engaging and interactive way, and its lovable scarecrow character makes the learning process a lot of fun.

  7. The availability of both color and black-and-white versions, along with its status as a free downloadable activity, ensures that children from all backgrounds can enjoy and benefit from this counting adventure. It’s a wonderful resource for parents, caregivers, and educators to use in helping children develop their math skills while nurturing a love for learning.

So, if you have a little one in your life, don’t miss the chance to embark on this counting adventure with Scarecrow. Download the book, grab some crayons, and let the fun begin!

A book called scarecrow scarecrow what do you see in color and black and white

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