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I’m Mandy, the face behind TEACHING POCKETS  My goal is to provide you with structured, hands-on resources to use in your classroom (or at home). Fun-filled resources that will excite your young learners and engage them in meaningful learning opportunities.

So, if you’re looking for engaging, meaningful, and fun “done for you” ideas and materials to support and enrich your Pre-K and Kindergarten students, you’re in the right place!

You’re working so hard trying to keep all of the teaching balls in the air. The planning and prepping, following the Standards, keeping parents informed…the list goes on and on. It can be exhausting trying to do it all.  While all of these things are important, I know your teacher heart. I know you want your students to be excited, have fun, be engaged, and to develop a lasting love of learning.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you are capable of having all of those things and I am here to help you.

My passion and joy is creating teaching resources that are:

Structured & Organized – Planned, Standard-based activities that are easy to follow and implement, and follow a consistent format making it easy for teachers and students.  (Or… Planned, Standards-based, progressive activities that build)

Engaging – Meaningful, high-interest hands-on activities that encourage students to be active learners.

Time Savers – All resources include a teacher guide complete with standards, teaching tips, and ideas to help you save time, planning, and prep!

At TEACHING POCKETS you will find Pre-K & Kindergarten teaching resources and learning activities that will make lesson planning a breeze while creating excitement and a joy in learning. You will find

Thematic / Seasonal Units – Back to School, Letter of the Day / Week, Apples, Pumpkins, and more!

Literacy Resources  Activities that include Alphabet Letters & Sounds, Poems & Stories

Early Reading & Writing – Planned reading and writing activities to help young learners be successful

Motor Skills – includes gross motor movement, fine motor skills for tracing & cutting, sensory tubs

Centers – Activities to engage students and give them the opportunity to practice skills independently

Big Books & Stories – Stories, Chants, Nursery Rhymes, Music & Movement encourage and support students in recall and literacy skills

About Me…

I grew up in a small community in between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio. I currently live in West Chester where I have three kiddos of my own and am a bonus mom to 3 more. (We’re living the true Brady Bunch lifestyle over here.

I graduated with a degree in interior design but taught myself graphic design when I graduated and decided that is what I really wanted to do. LOL

I taught preschool for 10 years before becoming a stay at home mom. I loved being at home with my daughter and, then also her brothers when they joined the mix. But I also needed a creative outlet and so I began my journey into selling invitations with my new found love of graphic design. I designed luxury party invitations (think an invite in a box with a lollipop hand delivered)but quickly discovered that bridezillas were really a thing and being as I never wanted a wedding with everyone stared at me while I fumbled over words and I just couldn’t relate with them the way I felt I needed to. Ultimately, I decided that wasn’t what made my soul sing so I moved on from that business. 

I then created Mandy Moose Designs where I sell clipart and am a VA that helps bloggers with their own design work. From there, I had the opportunity to purchase this business from Ms. Shelly and here we are!

Are you wondering…why “TEACHING POCKETS”?

As a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher, I wore an apron with lots of pockets. My pockets were filled with dice, picture cards, counters, craft leftovers, and anything else that would capture the attention of my students. I could reach into my pockets at any time and use the items for quick, hands-on, targeted activities to keep my students engaged and having fun learning. My pockets became the means to engage, explore, imagine and have discussions with my students. It was this fun and meaningful learning opportunity that birthed the idea for my store TEACHING POCKETS. Now I help educators and parents by filling their “pockets” with fun ideas and creative learning activities. Whether it’s through my Freebies, TpT Resources, or blog posts I want to help you and your students learn, grow and have fun! Make sure to sign up for my email list to receive more ideas, tips, and news from me!

Get Your TEACHING POCKETS filled with Promotions, freebies, teaching tips & more!

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About This Site

Hi there! I’m Mandy and I’m creator behind Teaching Pockets. I'm a former preschool teacher with a passion for helping busy Moms by providing them with fun and meaningful teaching resources that spark excitement, curiosity and a love of learning.


About This Site